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2024 Custom Yard Sign

2024 Custom Yard Sign

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This is a pre-order product. The last day to place preorders is February 16th, 2024. The earliest date this product will be available for pick-up is April 16th, 2024. Note that pre-order products are not cancellable or refundable, except in cases of damage. Review our return policy for more information.

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Preorder product information

"2024 Custom Yard Sign" is a preorder product. The last day to preorder this item is . The earliest date this product is estimated for pick-up is . The email address associated with your Armory account will receive updates on exact availability times and instructions for pick-up.

Unfortunately, we do not accept order cancellations or refunds of any kind for preordered merchandise except in cases where the delivered product is incorrect, damaged, or otherwise not acceptable in some way. A manager will use personal discretion in order to determine which preorder products are eligible for return.

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